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Serial parking offenders are cars that have multiple unpaid Parking tickets. If you successfully tow a Serial Parking Offender’s car to the impound they will be forced to pay all of their unpaid tickets plus penalties. So, these guys are worth a lot of bucks! However, Serial Parking Offenders will usually attempt to escape if they see you coming. so you need to immobilize them to keep them form getting away.

The simplest and cheapest way to do this is with a Parking Boot.

If you put a Parking boot on a car It can’t escape, and then you can tow it.

Another option is to use a cloaking device.

If you activate a cloaking device serial parking offenders won’t see you coming so they won’t try to escape, and you can put a tow slip on them without a boot.

The final option is to use a an EMP Bomb.

This powerful item works like an area effect Parking boot, and it will temporarily disable every car within the blast radius, including serial parking offenders

Sometimes you will get lucky, and find a serial parking offender that has parked somewhere legally and isn’t prepared. If you are tracking one of these cars, It will have an orange outline and then you can tow it like any other car.

Remember to use the DMV database to track new Serial Parking Offenders.

What does "All Clear" mean?

Sometimes you will need to achieve an "All Clear" with a certain number of blocks in order to rank up. You might be wondering: "What the heck is does that mean?!?"

To Clear a block you must ticket or tow 10 cars on a block. To get an "All Clear" you must clear every block in your city.

Getting an "All Clear" with at least 5 blocks is not the same as clearing 5 blocks. You Must clear every block in your city and your city must contain at least 5 blocks.

If you have more than 15 or so blocks this can be little tough, because blocks only remain clear for about a half an hour, and you need to clear them all before the first ones you cleared start reverting back to normal! It is possible to clear a full city, but you will need to work fast and use power-ups.


Snitches can help you find cars you have marked in the DMV Database. To hire a snitch simply tap a block in the route menu to open its information screen.

Then select “use a snitch”.

You will immediately see that the parking spaces on the block information screen are occupied by green, red, or orange icons.

Green icons indicate legally parked cars, red icons are illegally parked cars and orange icons with white stars are cars you are tracking in the DMV database. if you touch one of these icons you will be able to see more information about the car parked there and the status of the meter.

If you are tracking a car in the DMV database and it parks on a block that is being watched by a one of your snitches, the snitch will pop up and tell you.

You only have a limited number on snitches to use. so you should be smart about which blocks you use snitches on.

You will always have a few hobos you can hire as snitches, but if you invest in schools you also be able to hire girl scouts, who will work for longer.

Using Timed Spaces Effectively

Timed spaces are very effective ways to earn city bucks, but unless you plan the right route you will have a hard time making the most of them. The cars will drive away before you get back to ticket them.

Catching cars parked at timed spaces is all about putting time tint markers on cars and getting back to the car as just as the marker turns yellow while at the same time covering as much area as you can. Time tint markers turn yellow after 15 in-game minutes, so you should try to make a looped route that will take you 15 in-game minutes to complete at the speed you want to go.

The image below illustrates a 15 minute route.

The Route Time displayed at bottom of the Route Menu tells you how about how long it will take you to complete a the route at speed 1.

The image below illustrates a 30 minute route.

At speed 2 you move twice as fast so if the route time reads 0:30 you will complete it in 15 in-game minutes or half the time.

The image below illustrates a 37 minute route.

At Speed 3, a route time of 00:37 will take about 15 in-game minutes (although you may find that you complete the route a little too quickly).

The image below illustrates a 45 minute route.

And at speed 4, 00:45 is a pretty good Route Time.

The faster you plan to drive, the longer your route should be. try different lengths and speeds to find one that works for you.

Once you find the right route length/speed ratio you can start marking cars.

mark every car parked in timed spaces, and when you come back around ticket all the cars with markers that are parked in 15 minute spaces. Even if the marker is still white.

If the cars have yellow markers when you return, you know your route is slightly too long, and if they are still white it is slightly too short, but as long your route is close to the right length they nearly always will have been parked too long.

The third time you come back ticket any cars parked at 30 minute spaces that have red markers (if your route is a little long) or yellow markers (if your route is a little short).

While you are doing this remember to put markers on every new car parked at a timed space.

Since 15 minute spaces are worth twice as much as metered spaces, and 30 minute spaces are worth four times as much, you can earn city bucks very effectively if you are systematic.

It is import and that your looped route does not pass the same timed spaces more than once a lap. If you pass the same car twice in the same lap, you can't simply ticket all the cars with markers, because you may marked them halfway through your route, and you must wait until they are yellow.

if you follow this procedure you will be making big bucks with timed spaces in no time!


To complete a shift you need to meet the City Buck quota in the time allowed. The city buck quota is based on the potential ticket revenue of you city, so if you have higher level blocks your shifts will have higher ticket quotas.

Most shifts do not have serial parking offenders, that you can’t rely on big payouts from a single car to meet your ticket quota. the only exception is the Crazy Shift.

If you are curious about your progress during a shift. You can always tap the city buck button in the bottom right corner of the screen to see how close you are to meeting your quota.

How to Complete an Easy Shift

You really only need to equip parking tickets, time tint markers and tow slips when you work an easy shift, anything else is extra.

If you simply cruise around your highest level blocks at speed 1 and ticket every illegally car you find you will most likely be able get a get a C or a B grade. There are however some things to remember. If you Ticket a police car it will chase you even if you are not speeding, and you will earn more money if you patrol streets with parked cars on both sides. the edge of town is usually easier to navigate, but you only have half as many cars to ticket!

How to Complete a Normal Shift

You should equip parking tickets, a tow slips and time time markers when working a normal shift. you should also equip something that will help you avoid crashing such as a Jump Booster or the air horn.

In order to meet the quota in a normal shift you will probably need to maintain a speed of 2, and make a route around your highest level blocks.

When it comes to the police, they will chase you if you are driving at speed 2, but if you can make them crash 3 times they will stop chasing you. If you use the jump booster to jump over parked cars, the police will run right into them.

How to Complete a Tough Shift

You should equip parking tickets, a tow slips and time time markers when working a tough shift. you should also equip something that will help you avoid crashing such as a Jump Booster or the air horn. You may also want something that you can use to escape the cops such as a nitrous.

In order to meet the quota in a normal shift you will probably need to maintain a speed of 3 or 4, and make a route around your highest level blocks.

The police are harder to shake in a Tough Shift. you need to make them crash 4 times. so when you trigger a police you should try to get rid of them as fast as you can.

How to Complete a Crazy Shift

You should equip parking tickets, tow slips, timed markers in a Crazy Shift, you will also need something to avoid crashing, something to escape the cops, and something to catch Serial Parking offenders.

Unlike in Easy, Normal, and Tough shifts serial parking offenders are active in Crazy shifts. You need to use this to your advantage.

It is nearly impossible to ticket enough cars do meet the quota without catching a few cars with several unpaid tickets. So before you even attempt to complete a Crazy shift you should go on patrol and ticket serial parking offenders and let them escape. This way they will accumulate lots of unpaid tickets so you can make them pay big in a Crazy shift.

If you trigger a cop is a crazy shift you need to shake it ASAP they can survive 5 crashes and are very fast!

How to ticket every car in the DMV database

In order to rank up you sometimes need to ticket every single car in the DMV database.

Step 1 - Track them

Sort the cars by the number of paid tickets in the DMV Database with the fewest at the top (tap the "Paid Ticket" category twice), and track (star) the ones that have no paid tickets. You may not be able to track them all at once, so track as many as you can, and whenever you catch one open the database to track a new one.

Step 2 - Find them

Patrol the city and try to find the cars you are tracking. Using snitches can make this go much faster.

Step 2 - Catch them

Most drivers are careless and can be caught without too much effort, but some of them just never seem to park wrong! There are a few ways to force these do-gooders into slipping up: If you have a Level 3 Post Office you use an EMP Bomb to knock their car out and wait for the meter to expire.

If you have a Level 4 Post Office you can use a Time Warp to instantly drain the meter and catch them.

You can also use an air horn to startle a driver on the way back to his/her car and try to slow them down just enough for the meter to expire.

Unlocking Items

Unlocking Items

You need to build and upgrade your Post Office in order to unlock the more powerful Items.


Build a Post office.

Cloaking Device

Upgrade your Post Office to level 2.


Upgrade your Post Office to level 3.

Time Warp

Upgrade your Post Office to level 4.

What do the colored outlines on the cars mean?

Cars in the game will have different colored outlines to help you know the status of the car in the game.

Here's what the colors mean:

Green - When you've correctly ticketed an illegally parked car.

Red - When you've ticketed, booted, or towed a car incorrectly.

Orange - Cars that you've starred in the DMV Database will appear with an orange outline.

Blue - When you are dragging a ticket, boot, tow slip, or marker onto a car, the car it will hit is highlighted in blue.