Meter Maid City is Back after server failure.

Meter Maid City is back online today after a server failure this morning.  We sincerely apologize for Meter Maid City being unavailable this morning, and we are working hard to beef up our server infrastructure so that you can continue to play without incident!

We planned for Meter Maid City to go BIG when we launched it, but demand for our game skyrocketed and our servers needed some added horsepower in order to keep up!

We've received quite a few messages via email and Twitter asking why an internet connection is required to play Meter Maid City, so we thought we'd let you know why:

1.  Multiple Device Support.  We've designed Meter Maid City so that you can play on multiple devices and have your progress sync across all of them; you can play Meter Maid City on the train into work on your iPhone and then play in the evening on your iPad and all of your progress is synced.

2.  Future Multiplayer Support.  We have some really awesome plans for Meter Maid City in the future, including adding some awesome multiplayer functionality to the game.  All of this will require an internet connection.

A big thanks to Terry Miller @Rippleweb for his help this morning and to Thomas Liljetoft, our lead developer, for his heroic efforts getting everything back up and running!

Meter Maid City launches Worldwide!

We're super excited to announce that Meter Maid City is now available Worldwide on the App Store!  So don't wait, go ahead and download it today on the App Store!

Read more about Meter Maid City in our press release below.

Press Release

Airport Scanner Creator, Kedlin Company, Returns With New Mobile Game, Meter Maid City

Game Revisits Concept of Everyday Anti-Hero, Letting Players Ticket and Tow Errant Parkers

Bellevue, Wash. – October 23, 2014 – The Kedlin Company, creators of the No. 1 mobile game, Airport Scanner, are today launching Meter Maid City on iOS. With a new twist on the 'everyday anti-hero theme,  Meter Maid City is available for download now on the Apple App Store.

One only needs to receive a parking ticket while grabbing coffee for five minutes to realize that evil is alive and well in the world today. Meter Maid City captures this mundane malevolence by putting players in control of a rookie parking enforcement officer who patrols the city streets in a zippy little scooter.

Combining aspects from Paperboy and the original Grand Theft Auto, players slap cars with parking tickets, hail tow trucks and block off free parking spaces all while navigating the city, dodging through traffic and avoiding overzealous cops.

As players earn revenue by dispensing parking justice, they can expand their cities by adding new streets with shops, schools, parks, and more. Building and upgrading city blocks creates even more revenue and unlocks features like rare cars to hunt, girl scouts you can recruit to spy on parked cars, and super-powerful items. Players can also upgrade their scooters to help them more effectively punish parking offenders.

“With Airport Scanner, we realized that people have a lot of fun playing the 'everyday anti-hero’ by taking a job like a baggage screener and giving players a peek into their world.” says Ben Sharpe, CEO of Kedlin. “Meter Maid City takes the same tongue-in-cheek approach of poking fun at the world of parking enforcement while creating a really enjoyable game.”

Meter Maid City is the sophomore mobile game effort from the Kedlin Company, which launched Airport Scanner in 2012. The game was a huge success, climbing to the No. 1 spot in the Apple App Store and accumulating over 10 million downloads. Kedlin Company also partnered with Dr. Stephen Mitroff of Duke University's Visual Cognition Laboratory to provide anonymous gameplay data to answer questions aimed at improving real-world baggage screening.

Meter Maid City is available for download now on the Apple App Store.

About the Kedlin Company

Kedlin is a software development and mobile gaming company based out of Bellevue, WA and was founded in 2008. Kedlin’s passion is for creating software that improves people’s lives. For more information please visit